Explorer les meilleures idées de décoration d'appartement pour une vie moderne

Explorer les meilleures idées de décoration d'appartement pour une vie moderne

Over the past few years, condos and apartments have become increasingly popular among people seeking convenient, modern-looking accommodation. Many assume that decorating small areas presents daunting challenges, leaving them feeling cramped. However, this perception is far from the truth. In fact, most interior designers relish the opportunity to create cozy and beautiful environments within small or compact areas. The key lies in strategic decoration and storage solutions. Regardless of size, it’s entirely possible to transform your space into your dream apartment, whether you envision luxury, comfort, or beauty. In this article, I will share my expertise and provide you with inspiring design ideas, furniture tips, and budget-friendly solutions to help you turn your dream condo into reality.

Happy People Decorating Flat with Picture Choosing Place Talking.
Decorating is one of the most exciting things when you get a new home

II. Design Ideas for Condos

A. Space-efficient Furniture Options

When it comes to interior design, the first consideration should be maximizing space. Remember, less is more. Opt for beautiful yet purposeful materials. Many celebrities employ this strategy when decorating their homes, such as Kim Kardashian. Maximizing space will give your apartment a sophisticated, serene, and comfortable feel.

  • Multi-functional Furniture (e.g., sofa beds, foldable tables)

A space-efficient apartment can be achieved with multi-functional furniture. For instance, instead of purchasing both a chair and a table, consider trendy foldable tables that double as chairs or vice versa. This eliminates the need to allocate space for both items, allowing you to store just one. Another example is sofa beds, offering dual functionality as seating and bedding. Furthermore, multi-functional furniture is cost-effective compared to buying two separate pieces.

  • Wall-Mounted Storage Solutions

Another space-saving technique is utilizing vertical space with floating shelves and wall-mounted storage units. This not only frees up floor space for other items but also creates the illusion of larger rooms. Wall-mounted storage can be implemented in bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms alike.

  • Hanging Planters for Greenery

If you are a plant lover, you can accommodate any plant of your choice without sacrificing floor space. Simply opt for hanging vases to add a touch of creativity while promoting greenery. Moreover, caring for the plants is easy – just lower them down when needed and raise them back up when done.

  • Clever Room Partitioning Ideas

The layout of your condo significantly impacts its appearance. Whether it’s a studio apartment, condo, or a full house, room dividers like curtains, bookshelves, folding screens, rope walls, timber slats, sliding doors, and pony walls can effectively delineate spaces. Avoid creating concrete walls to divide areas, as it can make each room appear smaller and more constricted. Choose room dividers that suit your taste while maintaining some visibility between rooms.

III. Furniture Selection for Minimal Spaces

furniture for small spaces
Choosing the right furniture is key

A. Choosing the Right-Sized Furniture

Apart from multi-functional furniture options, selecting the right-sized furniture is crucial. Consider not only the size but also the shape and style. Every room is different, so what fits perfectly in your friend’s room may not suit yours. To choose the right furniture, first, determine the purpose of the room. Are you sharing the space with others? Will the living room double as a dining area? In such cases, opting for a larger center table is advisable.

Secondly, measure the room before purchasing furniture. Many people overlook this step, leading to unwelcome surprises during delivery. While measuring every corner may seem tedious, it’s essential to avoid situations where furniture cannot fit through doorways or staircases upon arrival. Measure the length of the walls, height from the ceiling to the ground, doorways, and staircases before making the order. However,  some companies, like Samcon, offer expert measuring services before purchase to ensure the furniture fits perfectly.

B. Optimal Furniture Arrangement for Traffic Flow

Before buying furniture, visualize the layout and style you want for your room. Envision where you’ll position each piece of furniture to create a specific atmosphere. This approach makes the shopping experience more focused and easier.

C. Incorporating Light-Colored and Reflective Surfaces

Natural light plays a significant role in interior design. Opt for materials that maximize natural light, such as light-colored and reflective surfaces. Moreover, mirrors, sliding transparent doors, and glossy finishes can help bounce light, making the room appear brighter and enhancing the sense of space.

IV. Feng Shui in Condo Design

A. Introduction to Feng Shui Principles

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art and science dating back over 3000 years. It emphasizes living in harmony with one’s surroundings to promote health, mood, and prosperity. According to this philosophy, our environment significantly impacts our physical and mental well-being. The term “Feng shui” translates to “wind-water” in English, reflecting the belief in harnessing natural forces like water and wind to achieve balance and positive energy flow.

Key principles of Feng shui include:

  • Arrangement of space
  • Orientation of buildings
  • Placement of objects
  • Use of colors and materials

B. Applying Feng Shui to Condo Living Spaces

Here are some tips for applying Feng shui to condo living spaces:

  • Placement of Furniture for Positive Energy Flow

According to Feng shui, arrange furniture to promote chi, or the flow of energy. For instance, arrange your sofa and chairs in a U-shape to foster good communication. Additionally, avoid positioning sofas directly facing doors in the living room to maintain a clear view of the door. If necessary, place a mirror on the opposite wall to reflect the door.

  • Bedroom Configuration for Restful Sleep

The bedroom represents the most private space in your apartment. To ensure restful sleep, keep it separate from work areas and the living room. Avoid storing items under the bed and fill the bedroom with sleep-related items only, such as pillows and blankets. Position the bed to face the door directly, and avoid placing mirrors that reflect the bed.

  • Importance of the Dining Table

Regardless of your condo’s size, create a dedicated dining area for mindful eating. This space promotes friendships and wellness, essential for maintaining health and balance.

Selecting Colors and Materials in Accordance with Feng Shui

Feng shui emphasizes how colors influence the energy of a space. For example, bright red colors can create a frenetic mood, while cooler tones like blue may feel calming. Think of the energy you want to evoke in your home when selecting colors. To help you make sense of it all, here are 5 colors that elicit specific energies in the home;

  1. Red: It represents fire. It increases heart rates, blood pressure, and respirations. It promotes activity and reduces depression. It is also a symbol of love and passion.
  2. Green: This promotes growth and drives internal motivation.
  3. Yellow: It improves mental health and creates a sense of nurturing and stability.
  4. White and metallic colors: Choose these if you are looking for qualities that promote carefulness, focus, and purity.
  5. Blue and black: These promote calmness, reduce blood pressure and heart rate, and increase concentration.

V. Budget-Friendly Interior Design Tips

Affordable Interior Design
Create beautiful spaces with affordable decoration

You do not need to break the bank to make your place stylish and inviting. There are several budget-friendly interior designs you can incorporate. These include:

  • Repurpose and Upcycle:

You can get creative and improve old stuff you own, like your old furniture, dinner table, shoe rack. Simply painting it and giving it a fresh coat will renew it, saving you money.

  • Handmade Artwork:

This is an exciting way of decorating a room. You don’t have to be super talented to do this. Just go with the flow, have fun while doing artwork like painting, drawing, or crafting. It will give your apartment life and visual interest.

  • DIY Projects:

Another fun way of decorating your condo is making stuff on your own. Nowadays, thanks to social media platforms like YouTube, nothing is out of your limit. You can learn how to build your own DIY furniture, shelving units, decorations, you name it.

  • Nature-inspired Decor:

There’s no need to spend at all if you don’t want to. You can use natural elements like plants, stones, and driftwood to get a refreshing, appealing, and organic vibe. Moreover, these natural decorations will improve your health. An example is greenery or plants which purify the air and add vitality to any surroundings.

  • Thrift Store Finds:

Explore thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales for unique on-the-budget items. With a little creativity and DIY skills, you can transform these secondhand objects into stylish treasures, and a great addition to your interior design.

VII. Creating an Inviting Entryway


First impressions matter, and the first impression any guest will have of your apartment is your entryway. It is vital to invest more energy and resources in decorating and making it tell a story on its own. Typically, how you design your entryway or any part of your apartment depends truly on your style and who you are. But here are some general design ideas for a small entryway:


  • Prevent clutter: 

Create a secret storage unit for your coats, jackets, shoes, and other outdoor essential clothing, and a small chest table to keep things like your keys and other items you are likely to misplace or forget when leaving the house.


  • Mirrors: 

Use mirrors to create the illusion of space. They will enhance natural light in the entryway, which creates space. A strategically placed mirror can make the entryway look larger and brighter. Moreover, you can always take a sneak peek at your look whenever you are stepping out.


  • Lighting:

 Install a small pendant light or wall sconces to provide adequate lighting without overwhelming the space. This will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can also consider adding a table lamp on the console table for extra brightness and ambiance.


  • Wall Art and Decor: 

Finally, personalize the entryway with wall art, decorative accents, and greenery. Hang a small gallery wall of framed photos or artwork to add visual interest. Incorporate a small indoor plant or vase of flowers to bring life and freshness to the space.



If you’ve been wondering about the best apartment decorating ideas, the first rule is to maximize space. You can achieve this by using multi-functional furniture, wall mounting solutions, hanging greenery, and partitioning rooms with room dividers. Next, you can apply Feng shui principles to create balance, harmony, and increase energy (Chi) in your apartment.

 You don’t have to empty your pockets to make your place look its best. Instead, repurpose or recycle old stuff, create your own artwork, or DIY, and consider buying beautiful and purposeful second hand materials instead of brand new. 

Last but not least, your entryway gives the first impression to your guests. Make the most of that space by creating secret storage units, adding mirrors, and improving lighting to make the place visually appealing.

These are general tips to get you started with your apartment, but interior designing is an art form in its own right. Don’t be afraid to explore your unique style and go with your gut. For more interior design tips and ideas, read more from our other blog posts.

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