Gross Sq.ft Vs Net Sq.ft

Gross Square Feet (GSF) is the total amount of square footage of a building. This includes all spaces within the […]

L'expérience d'achat

Buying a new condo is an exciting and refreshing life-experience. As there are important details to keep in mind, the […]

Samcon over the years

2018 Finaliste du Prix Domus: Projet résidentiel de l’année de plus de 4 étages 2018 Finaliste du Prix Domus :Unité […]

Notre mission

Our Mission For Samcon—a major builder—urban redevelopment means revitalizing, transforming and enhancing various Montreal neighbourhoods. From project to project, this […]

Notre expertise

Samcon’s very first project was Le St-Christophe (8 units), built in 1991. The company’s first concrete structure, Le Laurier du Plateau, was built in […]



Samcon is green! Samcon aims to use organic, ecological, recycled products. This way, we contribute to a greener future. Here […]