Samcon is inspired by the ideal of an island where life is good. Since its beginnings, Samcon has extended this ideal outside of its job sites by giving to many associations and foundations that contribute to the well-being of our population.

  • Muscular Dystrophy Association $25,000

    Muscular Dystrophy Association $25,000

    We are proud to support the Muscular Dystrophy Association with John Marcovecchio "President of Magil Construction.  Samcon has made a donation of 25,000$ and encourages all of you to be generous and donate to Muscular Dystrophy Montreal.  Thank You, Sam and Diana.

  • The Tuques Bleues on Mount Royal $15,000

    The Tuques Bleues on Mount Royal $15,000

    Samcon is proud to donate 15,000$ to the Tuques Bleues , Inspired by the Montreal Snowshoe Club’s treks up Mount Royal in the 19th century, this exceptional outdoor event features a timed snowshoe race or walk up the mountain followed by an evening of fine food, music and entertainment at the Mount Royal Chalet. Proceeds help finance environmental conservation programs on Mount Royal.

  • House of Italy: over $ 2 million raised

    House of Italy: over $ 2 million raised

    Samcon is proud to contribute a donation of 25,000$ to Casa D'Italia.  

    The fundraising campaign for the complete renovation of the historic Art Deco building, which is increasingly at the center of community life, is proceeding rapidly. Vice President Sabino Grassi launches an appeal to the whole community: "Let us feel your support"

    Montréal - You can see the finish line, the light at the bottom of the tunnel: the House of Italy is almost saved and can finally look to the future with renewed optimism. Of the 3 million in 3 years, which the House owes to the financial institution to which it is liable to avoid the risk of seizure and confiscation, over 2 million have already been collected (to be precise, $ 2,027,000). We are 2/3 of the way away: the last effort, the remaining 33%, is missing to complete the noble mission within the next 12 months. After the efforts of the last two years, therefore, 'the tricolor monument par excellence' in the city is now on the path of complete financial recovery and is increasingly at the center of community life. Sabino Grassi, second vice president of the House of Italy, announced the announcement on 23 January, as well as co-founder and president of the fundraising campaign, during a press conference moderated by Comites president Giovanna Giordano , for the occasion in the role of public relations manager of the House. "To date - explained Grassi - we have received 50 corporate donations, with an average of $ 40,000 per single offer". To travel the last mile, the House of Italy makes an appeal to the whole community, hoping for a more widespread and wider participation: "We can all make a difference, even with donations of 5.10, 20 or 50 $ by post, by phone, through the official website or in person at the house itself, "said Grassi. According to which, even more important than the figure itself, is the number of people who join the initiative, making an offer. “We would be even more encouraged - he added - if thousands of people donated even a dollar. To date, this popular support has not yet manifested and we can only infer, but we are convinced, that people are on our side and care about the future of their home ". Having said that, the House of Italy is proud and satisfied with the result achieved: "Frankly, we find it hard to believe we have succeeded. We are thrilled! ”, Concluded Sabino Grassi. Among those present at the press conference, also the Consul of Italy in Montréal, Lorenzo Solinas: "We are happy, it's a nice goal: last year there was a lot of concern and the road ahead seemed extremely uphill. Instead, the Community is doing it and this shows that the Italian-Canadians of Montreal, and beyond, are linked to this important institution. The House of Italy is a jewel, has historical value, has accompanied the Italian community since the 1930s and it would be a shame if it did not continue to have a bright future ".

  • Centraide, See you at the Ritz-Carlton $ 25,000

    Centraide, See you at the Ritz-Carlton $ 25,000

    Samcon is proud to donate $25,000 to Centraide 

    Join many major donors at a 5 @ 7 organized at the Ritz-Carlton by Mr. Lino A. Saputo, Jr., president of the Circle of Major Donors, to underline your great generosity.

    "It was with enthusiasm that I accepted the presidency of the Circle of Major Donors. My deep commitment to the United Way is motivated by the opportunity to work with so many people who make a real difference by helping to break the cycle of poverty and social exclusion in Greater Montreal. Together with the Cabinet team and Lino, I am committed to continuing to build on solid foundations. "
    Isabelle Marcoux
    Chair of the Board of Directors, Transcontinental Inc.

  • Cipba Endowment $100,000.

    Cipba Endowment $100,000.

    Samcon is proud to donate $100,000.

    On November 28th, the annual CIBPA Foundation scholarship evening was held, which since 1961 has been supporting Italian-Canadian students in the various study programs.

    More than 300 guests, students, parents, donors and members of the board of directors were welcomed to Le Madison, St-Léonard, to highlight this special occasion.

    During the evening, different levels of study were subsidized: doctorate, maîtrises, baccalauréats and, for the first time, the CIBPA Foundation decided to add the category of professional training.

    Over the years, the Foundation has distributed more than $ 3.7 million to students with the aim of supporting their preparation and career path and encouraging them to invest later in the community.

    Thanks to large donors, the 2019 fundraising campaign allowed to collect the sum of $ 200,000, without forgetting the commitment and efforts of the selection committee, the organizing committee, the employees and the volunteers of the event who created a memorable evening for the 50 scholarship winners.

    The CIBPA Foundation's scholarship program symbolizes the community's commitment and its investment in the future. And to invest more in the future, more than $ 850,000 in gifts were commited to the endowment fund managed by "La Fondation du Grand Montréal".

    It was a touching and inspiring event where donors, former students subsidized by the Foundation, families and friends gathered to celebrate the education and future of young Italian-Canadians in the community.

  • Chapeau Mont Royal $50,000

    Chapeau Mont Royal $50,000

    Diana Ferrara "strategic advisor" at Samcon is part of the organizing comittee.  We are proud to make a donation of 50,000$ to "Les Amis de La Montagne"

    Every year as spring turns into summer, Les amis de montagne hosts the annual Chapeau Mont-Royal, an elegant benefit luncheon during which Montrealers don their finest hats in support of environmental education for children and youth on Mount Royal.

    Inspired by the Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon in Central Park NY, this fundraiser brings together engaged citizens and prominent members of the Montréal community for cocktails on the Kondiaronk Lookout and a gourmet meal prepared by Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth in the Mount Royal Chalet.

  • 315 000$ pour Santa Cabrini

    315 000$ pour Santa Cabrini

    More than 420 people gathered on April 6 at the Pavillon-sur-le-Lac du Château Vaudreuil to celebrate the 5th Gala Santa Cabrini, held under the honorary co-chairs of Mario Rigante, Regional President of BMO Banque de Montreal, and Sam and Diana Scalia, respectively president and strategic advisor of Samcon.
    The Santa Cabrini Gala raised the net amount of $ 315,279. "This is a first significant contribution by the Montreal business community to the construction of a new ultra-modern operating theater with cutting-edge technology at the Santa Cabrini Hospital", rejoices the president of the Santa Cabrini Foundation, Elio Arcobelli (Arco Decorative Fabrics).

    The Santa Cabrini Gala is also a privileged opportunity to pay tribute to a member of the medical staff of the Santa Cabrini Hospital by awarding him the “Doctor Albert Chiricosta Prize” for the excellence of his practice, his social commitment and his contribution to the influence of the establishment. This year, the honor was awarded to Dr. Hussein Fadlallah, who is one of the best cardiologists in the country.

    For their part, the co-chairs of the organizing committee of the Santa Cabrini Gala, John Tartaglia (BMO-Bank of Montreal) and Tony Amato (Pentian Group) thanked all the sponsors, donors, members of the Circle of Ambassadors, participants and artisans of the organization, for their contribution to the success of the event.

    At the unveiling of the evening's results, Elio Arcobelli was very complimentary to all those who helped sign the evening's success. "Thanks to you," said Mr. Arcobelli, "the dream of providing the Santa Cabrini Hospital with a new operating theater is increasingly within the reach of all the people who demand and deserve access to the best care and services." health. "



    Three women were honoured at the annual BMO Celebrating Women event in Montréal for their remarkable contribution to business and the community in one of three categories: Innovation and Global Growth, Community and Charitable Giving, and Expansion and Growth in Small Business.

     The program recognizes female leaders in local communities as part of BMO’s commitment to drive the advancement of women.

     The following honourees were recognized:

     Community and Charitable Giving: 

    Diana Ferrara Scalia. Ms. Ferrara Scalia is the strategic advisor of Samcon Inc., a residential construction firm established in 1991. Ms. Ferrara Scalia has been actively involved in the development of Samcon through each stage of its progress, with a focus on business development and public relations.Through the Samcon Foundation, Ms. Ferrara Scalia and her husband have donated to associations and foundations that contribute to the wellbeing of their community:

    • In 2012, the foundation committed to donating $250,000 to the “Café Mission” project at the Old Brewery Mission – a new Internet-style café for the homeless to go during the daytime.
    • In 2015, the foundation donated $300,000 to launch a sustainable real estate program at Concordia University. The university’s Sam and Diana Scalia Sustainable Real Estate and Built Environment Program coaches students on the future of real estate, as sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration.
    • In 2017, they donated $300,000 for the new MBA Building at McGill University.

    Ms. Ferrara Scalia is currently a board member with the Cedars Cancer Foundation at the McGill University Health Centre and Les amis de la montagne.

  • Mcgill.  Donation of $300,000.

    Mcgill. Donation of $300,000.

    Sam Scalia (EMBA’13), Dean Isabelle Bajeux, and Diana Ferrara, BSc(NutrSc)’92.

    Samcon’s $300,000 donation Contributes to the new MBA building. 

    The Desautels community has come together for an amazing achievement.  Thanks to incredible donor support, Desautels has a new home for our Masters programs - and extra space for our BCom students.  Donors also created 34 new MBA awards for the #1 MBA Program in Canada and named more than 140 MBA Lockers. On May 25th and 26th, hundreds of donors and alumni gathered to celebrate this success.  Now Desautels has a building and suite of awards that match our ambitions and accomplishments as a Faculty. 

  • Cedar Cancer's 50th Gala

    Cedar Cancer's 50th Gala


    Diana Ferrara Scalia "Strategic Advisor" at Samcon was part of the organizing comittee for the wonderful Gala.  Samcon is proud to donate $50,000.

    Montreal, November 11, 2016 - Last night, over 700 Montrealers gathered for the Cedars Cancer Foundation's 50th anniversary ball at the Griffintown Arsenal and celebrated five decades of donation to people to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients and their loved ones. The room burst into applause when Cedars President Bruce Shadeed announced that more than $ 5 million had been raised to advance patient care, research and education, as well as a new health center. supportive care in Cedar Oncology.

    Under one roof, the Cedars Oncology Supportive Care Center will offer a full range of professional programs and services to meet the physical, psychosocial and emotional well-being of people who move from diagnosis and treatment to survival or mourning.

    Patron of the McGill University Health Center, Cedars events presidents Gwendolyn Andrews Nacos, Dr. Armen Aprikian and Diana Ferrara Scalia have chosen Go Beyond as the prom theme because it recognizes the exceptional professionals and volunteers who watch the Cedars Cancer Center, Cedars Breast Clinic, Cedars CanSupport, the Sarah Cedar Fund and the Rossy Cancer Network provide the best experience and results for pediatric and adult patients. In addition, Go Beyond inspires everyone to look to the future, as emerging needs are a growing concern.

    To achieve its objectives, Cedars also announced that it will launch a 50th anniversary fundraising campaign over the next few months under the chairmanship of Andrew Lutfy and Bruce Shadeed.

  • 100,000$ donation to the Westmount Recreation Centre

    100,000$ donation to the Westmount Recreation Centre

    Published on Il Cittadino Canadese, this article is about a generous donation of 100,000$ given by Sam and Diana Scalia to the Westmount Recreation CentreLocated at 4675 Ste-Catherine West, this multidisciplinary complex includes a pool and an arena. Other donator includes the Molson foundation and the Desmarais family.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Scalia donate $100 000 to IRCM

    Mr. and Mrs. Scalia donate $100 000 to IRCM

    Well-known for his involvement in the community, Mr. Sam Scalia is especially active with the Institut des recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM) Foundation. Thanks to the Fonds Diana et Sam Scalia sur les maladies cardiovasculaires et métaboliques and their $100,000 donation to the IRCM, the Institute was able to create a brand new integrative and molecular physiology research unit. Headed by Dr. Mathieu Ferron, this research laboratory seeks to better understand the physiological mechanisms linked to diabetes and obesity in order to develop new treatments for these diseases. 

    ‘'It is important to contribute to tangible projects. This is why our IRCM’s fund has been created. We’ve put in place infrastructure that can accelerate the discovery of new medication against diabetes and obesity’’ said Mr. Scalia, President of Samcon.

    Research at IRCM is done both in laboratory and clinically-tested on patients. Diabetes and obesity researchers are scrutinizing nutrition, genetics, biochemical, pharmacological and molecular components

  • Building a better future at Concordia, $300,000 donation

    Building a better future at Concordia, $300,000 donation

    Samcon’s $300,000 donation launches sustainable real estate program at the Concordia university

    The university’s Sam and Diana Scalia Sustainable Built Environment and Real Estate Program coaches students on the future of real estate, as sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration.

    “The mandate is to educate students and the broader public on the benefits of green buildings and environmentally responsible real estate development,” says Thomas Walker, director of the David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business, which houses the program. “It involves thinking about the long-term.”

    Montreal-based construction firm Samcon donated $300,000 to make the launch of the program possible. The business is best known for its urban redevelopment, building condominiums which revitalize and transform Montreal neighbourhoods.

    “I’m interested in the ideas and the research students will come up with,” says Sam Scalia, president and founder of Samcon. The program is named in recognition of Scalia and his wife Diana Ferrara-Scalia, Samcon’s strategic advisor.

    “We have a shared vision for sustainability and together we have nurtured the culture of sustainability over the years,” says Ferrara-Scalia. “Our urban infill initiatives have re-used urban land efficiently and in turn promoted a healthier environment within the community. Our dense urban designs make it easier for our clients to walk or take public transportation to their destination. Walking within the neighbourhood helps both the local economy and the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions.”

    “We are happy to be a part of Concordia’s sustainable real estate program as advancements are made in sustainable initiatives. We continue to research environmentally sound building materials and construction waste recycling,” she says.

    “If Concordia can come up with the next great design for construction products, it could potentially revolutionize the industry,” says Scalia, whose father and uncles were also builders.

    Existing building materials have a negative environmental impact. As Scalia explains, coal is used to smelt metal — and also to make glass — which releases pollutants into the atmosphere.

    “One of the challenges is convincing real estate developers to go green,” says Walker.

    “To address that challenge, the Sam and Diana Scalia Program will support research activities that:

    Explore the environmental benefits of green buildings
    Perform financial cost/benefit analyses of sustainable buildings for commercial and residential real estate developers
    Provide policy recommendations for government regulators who aim to encourage green building methods via fiscal stimuli and/or revised building codes.
    “It could be a bit more costly, or involve more work, yet the benefit is a cleaner, healthier society,” says Walker. “We’re glad that Sam Scalia saw the value in this program, and saw that sustainability is a top issue for the real estate industry and our government to tackle.”

  • Lower Canada College Art Wing $250,000

    Lower Canada College Art Wing $250,000

    Samcon is proud to have donated $250,000. to the LCC art wing.

    Diana Ferrara Scalia sits on the Board of Directors of LCC and has been the Strategic Advisor at Samcon since 1995. She is dedicated to
    ensuring that Samcon stays true to its mission of urban redevelopment while remaining a leader in
    the industry.
    Diana graduated from McGill University in 1992 with a B.Sc. (nutrition). In addition to her work
    with Samcon, Diana has worked with the Royal Victoria Hospital as a nutritionist. She is very
    involved with her children’s schools. At LCC, Diana is a member of the Nutrition Committee and
    the Leadership Development Committee.
    Diana has been Co-chair of The Priory Parents' Association, Co-chair of The Priory School
    “Spreading Our Wings Capital Campaign,” and has sat on the Board of Directors of The Priory
    School. Diana is also involved in the community and is presently a member of the Board of
    Directors of Les Amis de la Montagne."

  • Awarding of Samcon scholarships to the École de technologie supérieure of the Université du Québec

    Awarding of Samcon scholarships to the École de technologie supérieure of the Université du Québec

    On March 23, P. Malo, director of development awarded two scholarships to Julie Fournier-Dupuis and Dany Grenier, civil engineering students at the 2013 Scholarship Award Ceremony held on March 26 at the École de superior technology (ETS). These recognition scholarships are used to reward the most valiant students, in addition to maintaining the educational standards recognized at ÉTS.

  • Reveal of Mission Old Brewery Café.  $250,000. Donation

    Reveal of Mission Old Brewery Café. $250,000. Donation

    The October 16, Mr. Scalia attended at the reveal of Mission Old Brewery Café. Samcon has commited to donate $50,000.00 per year, and this for five years, for a total of $250,000.00. Some Samcon employees worked to serve the meal to homeless clients at the opening. The Café Mission : homeless people are welcomed by counsellors in this Internet Café place, opened for everybody and which will certainly help to brake the exclusion of the homeless community.

  • 5 à 7 of La Maison du Partage d'Youville

    5 à 7 of La Maison du Partage d'Youville

    The last October 11, La Maison du Partage d'Youville held his 5 à 7 and accumulate $20 000 in the evening. Mr. Gareau, Vice-president Development at Samcon offered a generously donation of $15 000 from Samcon and delivered a touching testimonial to encourage people to support the organization.  

    Left to right : Ariane Truong, president LMPY, Ann-Édith Daoust, CEO interim LMPY and Maurice Gareau, MBA - Vice-president development.

  • CHUM 12th Annual Golf Classic

    CHUM 12th Annual Golf Classic

    The 12th Annual Golf Classic of CHUM Foundation was held on September 10th at the Summerlea Golf and Country Club in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

    Mr. Scalia was copresident of Honor of this golf tournament where Samcon gave an amount of $25 000 to the CHUM Foundation.

    On the picture, left to right : Ékram Antoine Rabbat, CEO of CHUM Foundation; Gilles Dulude, Chairman of CHUM Foundation; Judi Richards et Yvon Deschamps, spokeman of CHUM Foundation; Dr Guy Leclerc, copresident of honor, cardiologist at CHUM and president of AccelLAB; Sam Scalia, copresident of honor and president of Samcon Inc.; Alain Cousineau, president of CHUM.

  • 2012 Golf Tournament of The Lung Association, Québec

    2012 Golf Tournament of The Lung Association, Québec

    The Quebec Respiratory Health Foundation of The Lung Association held their 2012 Annual Golf Tournement. Mr. Maurice Gareau, Vice-president Development at Samcon, was present on behalf of Mr. Scalia, president of Samcon, who could be there for the event as the President of Honor.

  • Gourmet Dinner for CHUM Foundation

    Gourmet Dinner for CHUM Foundation

    Samcon attended the "Souper Gastronomique" for the "Fondation du CHUM” on June 22th at the Parquet a huge glass-walled atrium, part of the Centre de la Caisse de Dépôt in the Jean-Paul-Riopelle public square.

  • Sam Scalia at Marie-Clarac Hospital Foundation

    Sam Scalia at Marie-Clarac Hospital Foundation

    Samcon has committed to donate to Marie-Clarac Hospital Foundation another $40 000 for events in addition to $32 000 per year for 5 years.

    Sam Scalia, Samcon's President, participated at the Super Tirage of Hospital Foundation the last November 30th 2011.

    The picture on the right was taken at this event showing the Hospital Foundation's Team-surronded by other generous donors who participated at the event and administrators. Rodger Brulotte (left), Sam Scalia (third), Sr Pierre Anne Mandato (center).

  • Mr. and Mrs. Scalia donate $100 000 to Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

    Mr. and Mrs. Scalia donate $100 000 to Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation

    Sam Scalia and Diana Ferrara Scalia has generously donated $100 000 to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation for a new children's room at the new hospital that will open in 2015. The new, single room, will be spacious for the child and his family, even allowing a sleeping area for parents that want to visit and/or stay overnight with their sick child. In addition, the room will have a window and an ambient lighting system that provides a tranquil environment a better healing. The family may be hosted in privacy and cosiness. Nurses and doctors will have easy, direct access to diagnostic devices, allowing them to keep a close eye on the progress of their patients and to avoid transfers onto stretchers. The room will take the name of Sam & Diana Scalia.

  • Fundraising evening « Défi Sportif 2012 »

    Fundraising evening « Défi Sportif 2012 »

    Sam Scalia, Samcon's President, was Honorary President of the evening earnings of "Défi Sportif 2012" Event, organised by AlterGo, last Wednesday. Mr. Scalia played Chef for a part of the evening. This event was hosted by Jean-Marie Lapointe and Chantal Petitclerc, the event's spokesperson. Named "Plus qu'un simple repas" (more than just a meal), this evening has shown a cooking demonstration by the Italian Chef Pasquale Vari. Guests were all amazed by this wonderful evening that raised $85 000! Thank you to all donors and organizers!

  • FCCI.  Donation of $325,000.

    FCCI. Donation of $325,000.

    We have accepted to give a $200,000 donation to FCCI and an additional $125,000 to the Leonardo da Vinci center.

  • Priory School Expansion Project $250,000

    Priory School Expansion Project $250,000

    Samcon is proud to have donated $250,000 to the Priory School Fundraising campaign

    I am Co-President with my wife Diana Ferrara Scalia of the Priory Schools 2,000,000$ Capital Campaign. We have currently helped raise close to 1,720,000$ and we are delighted to have a newly renovated school which was completed this past summer of 2010. We continue to raise funds for this wonderful school.