555 square foot new one bedroom condos in drummond1, loved by clients!

555 square foot new one bedroom condos in drummond1, loved by clients!

As deliveries continue very well. We are pleased to hear that our customers love the newly designed Drummond 555 sf one bedroom condo. These attractive condos are designed in both phases.

This condo has a beautiful Italian made laboratory style full Scavolini kitchen with European panel integrated high quality appliances in a sleek modern design. Scavolini follows green accepted practices in their state of the art factory located in Pescara, Italy. The Italian made fulgor stove top is separate from the oven and rests on the island with an attractive stainless steel overhead hotte. This allows clients to see and interact with there guests while they are cooking in the kitchen. Our clients love this feature.

The elegant bathroom incorporates a Scavolini vanity that is modern , elegant and spacious. Many clients enjoy either the full shower or modern bath/shower tub. The stand up washer/dryer units with outdoor dryer exhaust keeps your condo dry and cool. Clients love the fact that the washer/dryer unit has its own closet with practical shelves and a sliding door.

The living room and dining room are open concept to the kitchen and are a perfect size allowing clients to a table with 4 to 6 chairs and a comfortably seating area in the living room.

A convenient efficient entrance closet is streamlined into the layout. Large floor to ceiling bright windows with a glass door opening to an exterior balcony are a favourite with our clients. The glass used is high quality thick double 6mm glass with inward opening windows, only high quality hinges and aluminum are used throughout the building. Clients love how quiet the windows are.

The bedroom has a very nice large closet and is the perfect size with a large bright window. Bed placement is elegantly situated and can easily fit a comfortable queen size bed. Easy access makes this bedroom practical and elegant. Clients are very happy.

Clients are impressed with the doors in the condo. These doors are made in Italy “Braga” and the hardware is refined with its magnetic connection and one quarter opening quality handle. The frames are precise and quiet. A beautiful high quality door.

We are pleased to hear that our clients love our wood floors. The wood floors are made in a factory in Beauce , Quebec. This factory prides itself on green practices including purchasing all its wood from plants within a maximum distance of 500kms. This ensures the lowest carbon footprint. Mirage offers the most beautiful natural wood floors and we are proud to support a local Québec business.

We have received many compliments on our beautiful quartz countertops and elegant ceramic floors and backsplash. We continue to work with our excellent ceramic supplier “Metro” who is always bringing in the latest most appealing ceramics. This is a wonderful supplier relationship that we have now for over 20 years. Our clients love the beautiful ceramic choices.

We are thrilled to see our clients happy and continue to provide the best new condos appealing to our rapidly growing customer network.

Sam Scalia mba

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