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Samcon has built and delivered more than 5000 condos since entering the industry. Samcon holds the Master Builder « Palm » accreditation, at the Diamond level, from the new home guarantee programme of the Quebec home basdsadsadasdauilders’ association (APCHQ), which is synonymous with a satisfaction rate of over 97% on delivered condos since 1991. Furthermore, Samcon has a full team of seasoned professionals who will help you through every step of the way in acquiring your new condo. 

Buying a condo « on plan » means that you make an offer to purchase for a condo that will be built according to the home builder’s plans and specifications. This approach offers many advantages.  You have a fixed price throughout the building process.  You will enjoy greater flexibility in your choice of finishes (floors, counters, cabinets, etc.)

Yes, within a period of 10 days. 

Yes, it is possible to make an offer conditional on the sale of another property that you own. However, if another buyer makes a formal offer on the condo that you have chosen, you will have 72 hours to remove your condition and make your offer firm. If you sell your property, but still wish to withdraw the offer to purchase your condo, the conditions governing the cancellation of a non-conditional offer to purchase will apply. (See previous statement).

There are many advantages to working with the financial institution recommended by the home builder. You could obtain preferential rates and favourable financing reserved for the project’s clients. In addition, the bank could guarantee your mortgage rate until you take possession of your condo (rate guaranteed for 18 months or longer). Thus, you would be sure that the negotiated rate would not increase during this period and if ever mortgage rates decreased, your rate might be adjusted downward.

The areas shown on the sale documents are determined by an architect, based on the building plan. They reflect the gross area, which means they are calculated from the exterior walls, to the middle of the common walls (or « party » walls) and to the external walls of hallways. The net area of the condo is established by a surveyor based on different criteria. For this reason, the net area of a condo is always different from its gross area.

The difference is in the structure of the building. A “brick and wood” project has a structure of wood. Most projects of four stories or less are of this type. Tall buildings usually have a concrete structure.

The expertise of our partners and that of an acoustics specialist has enabled Samcon to establish a level of soundproofing quality that surpasses industry standards. Nevertheless, soundproofing cannot fully absorb certain types of sounds such as vibrations from stereo loudspeakers playing deep bass sounds or people running down the stairway.

Yes, you may visit your condominium at different times during its construction, but only by appointment. To do this, you must notify your Samcon representative who will accompany you onto the site. One of our specialists on the site will be your guide so as to ensure your safety.  At all times, you must wear the required protective equipment and comply with the safety rules applicable to the construction site.

If there is a delay in delivery, we will inform you more than three months before the delivery date. Following this notice, you may accept the new delivery date or you may cancel the preliminary contract and receive a full refund of your deposit without penalty. 

If there is a delay in delivery, we will inform you more than three months before the delivery date. Following this notice, you may accept the new delivery date or you may cancel the preliminary contract and receive a full refund of your deposit without penalty. 

The condominium regulations (or bylaws) and all documents relating to them will be provided by the notary at the signing of the agreement of purchase and sale.

As a condo owner within the project, your condo fees, contributed on a monthly basis, pay for the maintenance of the building(s), namely: building insurance, electricity and maintenance of common areas (hallways, lobby, stairs, elevators, etc.), maintenance of green areas, snow removal, administration and the establishment of a reserve fund.

A budget is established for the project’s maintenance of its buildings, common areas, green areas and services (security, recreation items, etc.). The total budget is then divided among the condo owners in accordance with the relative value of each condo.

You become the official owner of your condominium after meeting with the notary who will give you the keys after completing all the required documentation. Up to that time, Samcon remains the sole owner of its buildings. Prior to the signature of the agreement of purchase and sale, the builder is responsible for the condo and holds the necessary insurance

The insurance on your condo building does not protect your personal assets.  As is the case for a single-family residence, we recommend that you take out insurance to cover your personal liability as well your personal assets. 

We have a complete and professional customer service department as well as mobile units on the road for service calls. We use one of the best customer service programmes to ensure the follow-up of every request. Our after-sales team manages your call from the moment it arrives to the completion of the work, to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We invite you to contact our representatives to obtain information on prices, delivery dates or any other issues related to our projects.