10 Things to Do in Villeray, Montreal

10 Things to Do in Villeray, Montreal

In the vibrant mosaic of Montreal’s neighborhoods, Villeray stands out with a unique personality and a playful spirit that extends from Parc-Ex to Little Italy. With streets lined with thrift stores, museums and trendy local restaurants, it’s no wonder Time Out named it the 18th coolest neighborhood in the world. From its humble origins as a farmland and village, Villeray has blossomed into a cultural haven, adorned with ivy-covered stone houses and a whirlwind of local spots. Here are 10 Things to do in Villeray to enjoy the neighborhood.

Jarry Park

Jarry park is a gorgeous green oasis in the heart of Villeray. With walking paths, sports facilities and a serene pond, it’s perfect for picnics, leisurely walks, or unwinding from a long day.

young friends picnicking in montreal - Things you can Do in Villeray
Jarry Park is great for relaxing with friends

Jean-Talon Market

Although technically in Little Italy, it’s close proximity to Villeray makes this market a must-visit if you’re in the area. Shop fresh produce, artisanal products and gourmet delights while soaking in the market’s lively energy.

Montreal street art - Things to Do in Villeray
Enjoy a scenic view of Montreal Street Art

Explore the Art Scene

Delve into Villeray’s vibrant art scene by roaming through galleries, street murals and artistic spaces that showcase local talent. You can walk along De Castelnau street to see an art exhibition showcasing works from local artists or engage in a workshop at an Atelier.

Montreal street art - Things to Do in Villeray
Enjoy a scenic view of Montreal Street Art

Catch a Show

Tohu theatre remains a resounding force that solidifies Montreal’s global leadership in the realm of circus arts, just after Cirque du Soleil. Open 7 days a week, it provides complimentary activities and paid performances, which can range from yoga sessions to shows presented by various circus companies. It’s perfect for a dinner and show outing that could be the highlight of your day. In addition, there are several local theatres around Villeray that contribute to the vibrant cultural scene and performing arts in the area.

circus in montreal - Things to Do in Villeray
Catch a circus in Villeray


Get a Taste of the Best Local Restaurants

In Montreal’s restaurant landscape, Villeray is quickly becoming a hub and attracting an expanding roster of big names. While Tandem, Méson and Le Petit Alep remain classics, newcomers like Mokili and Lundis au soleil are infusing the area with a new vibrancy. Being so close to Little Italy, the selection of Italian restaurants offers an irresistible allure with destinations such as Moccione, Knuckles, and Vesta.

workers at a montreal resto - Things to Do in Villeray
Enjoy the Villeray Cuisine

Walk Through the Historical Neighbourhood Architecture

Villeray’s architectural heritage is a captivating journey through time, offering a glimpse into the neighbourhood’s evolution and rich history. The streets of Villeray are lined with a diverse array of architectural styles, each reflecting a different era and contributing to the neighbourhood’s unique character.

Villeray neighbourhood - Things to Do in Villeray
Take a nice stroll in Villeray

Grab a Drink!

Step into the heart of Villeray’s coffee culture, where every corner unveils a new vibe. Among the standout destinations are Café Vito, Café Ferlucci and Oui Mais Non. Three cool spots that embody the neighbourhood’s cozy charm and vibrant spirit. These coffee shops invite you to savor a cup of warmth while soaking in the local atmosphere.

bar - Things to Do in Villeray
Enjoy the Nightlife scene

Enjoy a Coffee in a Cozy Café

Villeray’s Boutique Archive is a treasure trove of diverse items, encompassing clothing, bags, wallets, purses, socks. Alongside its own café ceramics, bodycare, jewelry, prints, photography, and coffee equipment. This unique establishment, active since 2011, stands out with its indie boutique concept. Notably, Archive brings forth an eclectic range of offerings with a focus on outdoorsy essentials and cozy home elements. Setting it apart from other businesses in the city. Here, the emphasis is less on brands and on the assurance that your purchase will stand the test of time. In addition, there are a few local thrift stores like La Ruelle Vintage or Renaissance that are worth a visit! St. Hubert Plaza is also closeby, which is home to a bustling strip of stores.

deli coffee bar - Things to Do in Villeray
Coffee in Villeray

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