Imagine this: you’re navigating the bustling streets of Montreal, and your primary mission is to secure a parking spot. It might sound like a straightforward task, but anyone who has ventured into the heart of the city knows it’s anything but simple.

In this article, we’re delving deep into the realm of Montreal parking, from the everyday struggles to uncovering hidden gems, offering valuable tips, and outlining crucial regulations. Buckle up as we embark on a journey to navigate Montreal’s parking landscape.

Is It Easy to Find Parking in Montreal?

Finding a parking spot in Montreal isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The traffic keeps getting worse, and it feels like there are more cars on the road every day. In fact, TomTom’s Traffic Index tells us that vehicle congestion in Montreal has shot up by a whopping 29%. Yep, you read that right—a 29% surge in cars all vying for those precious parking spots.

And the sad truth? Some companies are dropping hints that free parking could soon be a distant memory.

Why Is It So Hard to Find Parking in Montreal?

Firstly, the city had over three-quarters of a million registered vehicles, creating a high demand for parking spaces. This sheer volume of cars on the road contributes to traffic congestion, making it even more difficult to find an available spot, especially during rush hours.

Moreover, Montreal’s seasonal road cleaning schedules, roadwork, and tree inspections often lead to parking restrictions, further reducing the number of available spots. Additionally, some areas are designated as permit-only stretches or traffic lanes, limiting parking options for those without the necessary permits. All of these elements combined create a complex and competitive environment for parking in Montreal, requiring careful planning and consideration when navigating the city.

Where Can I Find Parking in Montreal?

With the city’s traffic congestion on the rise, it’s essential to know where to look. With the help of parking apps like ClicknPark, Parkopedia Parking, and ParkMobile, your search becomes more manageable. These apps show you available parking spaces in real-time, allowing you to book your spot in advance. This means no more circling around, wasting time and fuel. Plus, you can see the costs upfront, so you know what you’re getting into.

If you’re more of a visual planner, here is a map displaying all the on-street parking sites in Montreal. This way, you can strategically choose a parking facility near your destination, making your movement within the city better.

How Much Does a Parking Ticket in Montreal Cost?

When it comes to purchasing a parking unit in Montreal, the price can vary. Monthly parking rates can range from $180 to $400, depending on factors like the lot’s location and the amenities it offers. If you’re looking for short-term parking, you can find 24-hour rates ranging from $12 to $20. Additionally, in downtown Montreal, metered parking typically costs $3 per hour, with a 2-hour parking limit.

What are the different types of Parking in Montreal?

Montreal offers various parking options to cater to the needs of residents and visitors alike. These options vary depending on your location and purpose, including:

  • On-Street Parking: Allison Harnes, a writer at the Montreal Gazette, reports that in Montreal, on-street parking claims over seven square kilometers of public space, representing a substantial 27% of the entire roadway.


parking in montreal a hidden treasure
the number of vehicles parked on montreal’s streets contributes to traffic congestion


  • Off-Street Parking Lots and Garages: Beyond on-street parking, Montreal offers numerous off-street parking lots and garages. These provide convenient alternatives for those seeking sheltered parking. In fact, off-street parking occupies an additional eight square kilometers of public space compared to on-street parking, further highlighting its significance.
Espacio libre en el aparcamiento de la zona.
people will have more peace of mind with private parking in montreal


  • Residential Parking Permits: Acquiring a residential parking permit in Montreal comes with a multitude of benefits for residents. It ensures parking peace of mind by eliminating the daily struggle to find a parking spot, and it often proves to be more cost-effective than other options. Permit holders enjoy priority access within their designated zones, significantly reducing parking-related stress. Some permits even offer guest parking, making visits from friends and family hassle-free. To obtain a residential parking permit, you must meet specific eligibility criteria, provide necessary documents, complete the application process, make the required payment, and adhere to associated regulations. It’s an investment that promises convenience and stress reduction for city dwellers in Montreal.


  • Public Transportation and Parking: Montreal offers an efficient public transportation system that can provide a convenient alternative to driving in congested areas, particularly in downtown Montreal. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) and Réseau express métropolitain (REM) offer park-and-ride facilities in various locations. These park-and-ride areas allow you to park your vehicle and seamlessly transition to public transportation, such as buses and the Montreal Metro, which can efficiently take you to more congested parts of the city, including downtown Montreal. This approach not only alleviates the stress of finding parking in densely populated areas but also contributes to reducing traffic congestion, making it an eco-friendly and practical choice for commuters and visitors alike.

Understanding Street Parking Rules In Montreal:

  1. Zone and Time Restrictions: Different parking zones in Montreal may have varying rules and regulations, often depending on the neighborhood and even the specific street. Vigilance in checking the signs is essential to know what’s allowed.
  2. Parking Prohibitions on Holidays: Parking restrictions can be in effect even on holidays, so always check the signs for any exceptions.
  3. Maximum Parking Times: The maximum allowable parking duration can vary based on the borough and the type of vehicle you’re driving. Different regulations apply to commercial trucks, campers, and other types of vehicles.
  4. Seasonal Restrictions: Street parking may not be available during certain times of the year to facilitate maintenance operations. Pay attention to these seasonal restrictions and respect them by reading the signage before parking.
  5. Maintenance Operations: Street maintenance operations, such as street sweeping, non-urgent roadwork, and tree inspections, typically occur from early spring to the beginning of winter. Respect these restrictions, whether it’s raining or sunny, for the duration mentioned on the signage.
  6. General Parking Rules: When it comes to street parking in Montreal, it’s essential to adhere to some simple yet important rules. Firstly, always make sure to park your vehicle in the direction of traffic flow. Avoid parking within five meters of a fire hydrant or a road junction, as this can obstruct emergency access and traffic visibility. Parallel parking is the standard practice, but be attentive to any road markings or signs that indicate otherwise. Lastly, it’s a common courtesy not to block lanes or driveways, respecting the flow of traffic and access to properties. Following these basic guidelines will not only ensure an orderly and efficient street parking experience in the city of Montreal but also protect you from receiving a parking fine.

Here are the common parking signs you should know!



Montreal implementa regulaciones de estacionamiento ecológico
A sustainable street where green mobility meets green spaces, driving an eco-friendly future


In an effort to address environmental concerns and adapt to the changing needs of a modern city, Montreal has initiated innovative “sustainable” parking regulations or bylaws that have the potential to transform its urban landscape. These regulations serve as a model for sustainable development in the city.

The reform introduced several key elements to the parking regulations, including:

  • Adapting parking ratios based on various company activities and workforce needs.
  • Reducing the number of required parking spaces for certain uses, such as shopping centers and office buildings.
  • Decreasing the minimal width of parking spaces.
  • Promoting underground parking for multifamily dwelling projects and exceeding parking requirements.
  • Establishing a cap on the number of parking spaces per property.
  • Adapting parking requirements to public transit offerings, significantly reducing required spaces in proximity to transit stations.
  • Requiring green spaces and mature tree canopies in parking lots.
  • Eliminating parking layouts when there is no need for parking facilities.
  • Authorizing permeable paving for repaving parking lots to enhance rainwater retention.
  • Requiring companies with over 100 employees to draft commuter travel plans.

How has Green Space Regulation Affected Parking In the City?

While the Green Space Regulation in Montreal certainly promotes a more eco-friendly urban environment, with increased greenery, reduced heat islands, and better rainwater retention for climate change adaptation, it also poses some challenges. It has and will continue to limit parking availability within the city, driving up parking costs and constraining space for new developments. That’s why it’s crucial to explore the best parking options, which we’ll discuss shortly, for a more convenient and stress-free parking experience in Montreal.

Payment Methods For Parking In Montreal

Montreal offers a variety of modern and convenient payment methods for parking, ensuring a seamless experience for both residents and visitors. Whether you’re exploring the city’s attractions or commuting to work, understanding these payment options is crucial to avoid parking fees and fines.

  • Traditional Parking Meters: Found throughout the city, these meters allow payment with coins, credit, or debit cards. They offer a reliable and straightforward way to pay for parking.


Technological ticket vending machine for urban parking
Parking Ticket Vending Machine for Cashless Solutions and Urban Mobility
  • Dedicated Mobile Apps: Montreal provides user-friendly parking apps that make managing parking needs simple. These apps enable convenient payments, remote time extensions, and timely notifications.
  • Credit or Debit Card Payment Kiosks: These cashless kiosks are available at various locations and accept electronic payments. They align with modern payment trends, ensuring a convenient experience.

Parking Fines and Penalties

As of January 2023, Montreal has increased fines for unauthorized parking, emphasizing the importance of adhering to parking regulations. If you receive an offense notice, you must promptly address it.

Fines for unauthorized parking have increased to $60 from $51. It’s a reminder that compliance is essential to avoid financial penalties.

To rectify parking violations, you typically have 30 days to make the payment after receiving the notice. Failure to do so may result in legal action and additional costs. Montreal offers flexible payment options, including in-person, online, and by mail, to make the process convenient and stress-free. Information on how to make payments for parking fines in Montreal can be found here.

Your Best Parking Options in Montreal


Investing in your very own parking unit is the way to go because while hourly parking rates might seem convenient for short-term use, they can turn into an unexpectedly expensive affair over time. Whether you’re running errands, commuting to work, or simply exploring Montreal’s vibrant streets, those hourly fees can add up faster than you’d imagine. It’s like a small but persistent leak slowly draining your finances.

Now, for the secret sauce: Many developers build these amazing condo units and offer a parking spot with every unit at a discounted price. However, the majority of condo owners/renters choose to go vehicle-free, resulting in the developer having available inventory to sell to the public at an even more discounted price, just like we have here at Samcon!

Bonus tip: It’s important to mention that this is a dying trend as the city is focusing on more green spaces, as mentioned earlier. You will not see upcoming developments offer this option. You want to get in contact with longer-established developments that will likely offer parking units to buy or rent.


In the midst of the growing challenge of securing a parking space in Montreal, this article unveils the ultimate parking solutions and how to access them. Your optimal parking choice in Montreal is to  purchase or rent a parking spot through reputable providers. By securing your dedicated parking space, you can avoid the uncertainty of finding a parking spot, the constant meter-feeding, and sustainability. 

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