William Gong from Engel Volkers leads sales on Drummond


William Gong on Le Drummond

We are delighted to announce that William Gong from Engels Volkers is now heading the sales of Phase 2 of « Le Drummond » new condominium project.

Originally from Shanghai, William Gong is a seasoned real estate broker based in Montreal. Having a vast network of relationships in China, Japan and Korea, he has also built an exceptional reputation in luxury real estate in Montreal. With more than 15 years of experience in the Asian, international and Canadian markets, he is known for his strong win-win negotiation skills, fair play and open-mindedness.

Supported by an effective team of real estate brokers, agents and trustworthy employees, he is most successful in high-end sectors such as Westmount, Downtown Ville-Marie and NDG, where he offers services in English, French and Mandarin. Recognized as a hardworking and responsible professional, he is dedicated to the specific needs of families, business owners and executives.

William returns regularly to China and other parts of the world where he has an excellent network of contacts, strengthening and widening his ties with his foreign relations.

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