Warranties & After-Sales Customer Care

Customer care

Our customer care is made up of a team that shares in the work, from answering and handling calls to supervising the work done on site in collaboration with our general contractors and subcontractors.

Every service call is forwarded to a call centre where it is logged and handled using customer care management software. This software informs us of the nature of the work to be done in collaboration with our general contractors and subcontractors concerned and provides all information that will help us evaluate the quality of our assistance and the speed at which we assist you on a consistent basis.

We strive to provide you a premium quality product and unmatched customer care.


All of Samcon’s projects are under warranty.

For residential projects subjected to the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings, the various warranties offered by Samcon are comprised of:

  • The warranty provided by the Regulation respecting the guarantee plan for new residential buildings.

  • The warranty of quality which protects Samcon’s buildings against latent defects which render them unfit for the use for which they were intended or which so diminish their usefulness.

  • The warranty against poor workmanship existing at the time of acceptance of Samcon’s buildings or discovered within one year after acceptance.

  • The warranty against the loss of Samcon’s buildings occurring within five years after the works were completed, whether the loss results from faulty design, construction or production, or defects in the ground.

  • 60 day money back guarantee for any Samcon property purchase.  We are so confident after 30 years of experience that you will be satisfied with your new home.  For the outlier reason you are not, we will repurchase your home at the price you paid.  *Certain conditions do apply.

  • $2,500 apartment leak inconvenience warranty for any unexpected leak damage in your home.  We understand your time is valuable and when these unexpected  events occur we offer this warranty for your time.

  • APCHQ 5 year guarantee on structure, general construction.