Green and safe condos

Samcon is green!

Samcon aims to use organic, ecological, recycled products. This way, we contribute to a greener future. Here are some examples of products offered in our new projects, as well as some of the steps we’re taking… for the green of it:

  • Prioritization of ecological and recycled materials, such as certified FSC products
  • Mirage hardwood flooring has green standards  
  • Scavolini kitchens are made in a green standards facility
  • Use of insulation products that exceed National Building Code requirements
  • Innovative bathroom products such as MAAX that are sustainable solutions to meet and exceed the needs of the custumers


Your safety is one of our priorities. To put your mind at ease, Samcon has improved certain existing features:

  • Central fire alarm system connected to a central monitoring system for many projects
  • Fire protection system including heat detection devices and smoke detectors 
  • Fire protection system with automatic sprinklers in projects more than 4 stories high
  • Carbon monoxide detection systems connected to ventilation systems for indoor garages
  • Burglar-proof metallic plates on main entrance doors in projects with a common indoor stairwell